Movies and you

Part 1: Summary of the movie (suggested length ~200 words)A brief summary of the story line is required. Contents of the movie that are going to be referred to in the following two parts shouldbe mentioned in the summary. Please use your own words in describing the movie. Part 2: Psychological analysis of the movie or a particular movie character(suggested length ~300-400 words)Please apply the theories or concepts discussed in the lectures to your chosen movie. You can focus on the movie as a whole or just a particular movie character, either way is okay. There is no requirement for the number of Psychological theories or concepts that you need to apply. In other words, you can focus on one Psychological theory or concept but discuss it together with the movie content in details, or you can discuss a number of theories or concepts that you think are relevant. Nevertheless, the Psychological theories or concepts should be confined to those we have covered in this course. Part 3: Personal reflection (suggested length ~ 300-400 words)This is an important part ofyour Story Book. As the title of the StoryBook goes (Movie and You), you haveto illustrate in this part the relation between you and your chosen movie. Why and how that particular movie had an impact on you in your personal growth? Below is a suggested direction for you tofollow in writing your own reflection(yet this is a recommended direction only, you may of course write your personal reflection in your own way).First you may want to tell me what elements of the movie that influenced you the most (e.g., The personality of a particular character? The messages of the movie? Or some touching moments in thestory? Etc…). Then explain to me why and how that influencedyouin your own personal growth(e.g., Did that somehow change your thoughts? Or changed yourway of perceiving things? Or give you insights in facing certain challenges in life?). Lastly, given you have learnt some Psychological theories and concepts in this course, plus you have applied some to your chosen movie, have you got an additional angle to comprehend your favorite movie? If so, what is that?






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