Reflective Summary

Identify and attend a community, hospital or other organizational board. Select one member of the board to interview and shadow. Observe how this leader provides a unique voice related to quality, safety, and fiduciary aspects of patient care delivery and/or community health as it relates to policy discussions and decisions. Submit the agenda for the board meeting attended along with a 3 – 5 page (double spaced) written reflection of your observational experience. Clearly identify the name, title and role of the board leader your shadowed, his/her level of engagement/participation in board discussions related to safety, transparency, costs, patient-centeredness, quality of care or community health. If you attend a board which does not include a nurse board member, reflect on how a nurse could have brought different perspectives to the table. Use proper APA citation. See grading rubric for more specific expectations. Website that includes live meeting for 9?18/18. I include what I began to write and the board meeting agenda.



Sample Solution

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