Do Americans Need a Bilingual Society

Part I

Topic: Do Americans Need a Bilingual Society? I decided to pursue this topic because this issue is very obvious in many states. However, Americans do not do a lot to accommodate the citizens whose native language is not English. On the other hand, there are some adjustments that are made for the foreigners, such as translators in court hearings. Therefore, this issue should be researched more.

Part II

Article 1: “English Only’ Laws Divide and Demean” by Blumenfeld.

Article 2: “American ‘Multilingualism’: A National Tragedy.” by Franklin Raff

Part III

The United States should keep English as its main language. In such a way, many issues can be avoided. It will be hard to identify which language should be on the packaging. At the same time, more complex things will come into play. For instance, doctor visits can go wrong if the translator misinterpreted something that the patient or the doctor said. One main language does not diminish the importance of other languages. Immigrants can always speak their languages and in fact, we can see it in the neighborhoods with some dominant populations, such as Chinese, Russian, Italian. Therefore, these individuals are able to exercise their right to speak their own language. At the same time, there are many accommodations that are made for the foreigners. For instance, they get their own interpreter in case they have to go to the court hearing. It is important to learn another language besides English. However, it is not necessary to make laws that will demand it. It is also necessary to consider that there is no official language in the US. Therefore, people should not feel opposed linguistically at this moment.








































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