Evolution in the News Report

Choose a recent, peer-reviewed journal article (see options below) and then find a
press article discussing the journal article. Write a paper that explains the original research and
analyzes how accurately the news article presents the research.
Your paper should address the following issues:
1. Summarize and explain the research presented in the journal article, including
hypothesis/questions, methods, results, and significance.
2. Compare and contrast the research as presented by the press article with that from the
original research article. Your analysis can cover any aspect of the research (e.g.
methodology, conclusions, implications, etc.).
3. Your conclusions on how accurately the press article represented the original research,
and what, if any, inaccuracies or misrepresentations are present in the press article.
Journal Article Options:
-Stammnitz, M., et al. 2018. The origins and vulnerabilities of two transmissible cancers
in Tasmanian Devils. Cancer Cell. Volume 33:
Press Article:









































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