As a linguist,  Write a single response to these types of comments that addresses how the three words winningest, embiggen, and unputdownable are not ruining the English language and, rather, are examples of how creative language is. Your assignment should be structured as follows. 1. Introduction 2. Winningest 3. Embiggen 4. Unputdownable 5. Conclusion Avoid using the headings Introduction and Conclusion for their respective sections; they’re unnecessary. In your response, explain how we create new words in English and how winningest, embiggen, and unputdownable came to be. That is, explain how these words were formed. You’ll want to cite how long they have been systematically used and include examples of them in use. So, make sure you look them up in Merriam-Webster! Keep in mind that you are arguing that winningest, embiggen, and unputdownable are not only real words but worthy of being real words. Your response needs to say something about the morphology, syntax, and semantics of these words. Your response should also say something about what makes a word a word, drawing on what we have discussed in class.




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