Wearing uniforms at school

Read the articles below and write an essay about advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform at schools .Pick a side if you are for or pro the uniform and why.You must have intro with a theses statement , 2 body paragraphs and the conclusion.) do not need a MLA format , I need 1 full pg essay from the top of the paper (not from the middle). 1. https://docplayernet/32070132-School-dress-codes-limit-students-freedom-of-expression.html 2.School Dress Codes Are Necessary and Constitutional Students’ Rights, 2005 by Stephen Daniels 3.https://www.csmonitor com/The-Culture/Family/2015/0129NVhy-school-dress-codes-may-be-harmful-to-girls 4.https://www.nhregistercom/connecticut/article/4-years-in-some-East-Haven-students-parents-11376900.php




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