Coca Cola Case Study

Following the success of ‘The coke side of life’ Coca Cola released its ‘open happiness’ campaign in the United States in the later part of the year 2009 and was an extension of the earlier campaign. It is one of the best examples of a global integrated marketing communication campaign and showcases the fact that a campaign of such caliber can do so much good to a brand. The current theme invites people from around the world to ‘open happiness’ and enjoy the simple pleasures of life like opening a bottle of coke and sharing this happiness by sharing the coke with your friends. “Central to Open Happiness is the simple notion of enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola and taking a small break from the day to connect with others,” says Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer, Coca-Cola North America, in an official statement. “With this new campaign, that’s exactly what we’re inviting people to do more often – open a Coke and share a little happiness.”

The campaign in a short time was everywhere starting from TVCs to billboards to print media to digital. The strength of every communication medium was recognized and played with very well. A number of interesting TVC hinted at the fact as to how opening a bottle of coca cola can bring happiness to anyone. The print media showcasing the happy faces of people with a bottle of coca cola propelled the concept further. But it was not only the traditional but it was an integrated campaign in the real sense because it included new points of sale, promotions, outdoor and print advertising, with digital and music components and apart from all this Coca Cola lived its concept of open happiness by employing a variety of other experiential marketing tricks. Be it the‘Happiness Truck’ which went through a city and stopped at various places showering gifts which ranged from a free bottle of coke to a football or a surprise water shower and all this on the press of a button.

The same concept was used in ‘Happiness Vending Machines’ which were installed in several places around the World where after you enter the coin you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. There was also the ‘Hug Machine’ which would give you a free coke if you hug the machine. On the digital front there was the ‘Expedition 206’ which enabled people to participate in a competition to travel around the world. The competition was open to bloggers to participate in a group of three. The winner of the competition was decided on the basis of people’s votes and the winners get a chance to travel to all the 206 countries where Coca Cola has a presence and spread happiness there. Since all the winners were bloggers themselves they documented their visit to every country and posted in on their sites and on the official site ( This was followed a lot over the web and became an instant hit since the winners themselves were big influencers and had a huge following. This gave the campaign the digital presence it required. The Facebook page has regular posts based on the open happiness campaign and has the highest number of fans for any brands on Facebook.

Now all this experiences made people believe that Coca Cola is a brand that upholds its integrity. Coca Cola is really spreading happiness around the world and living its promise that one can share happiness by opening a bottle of coke. As far as the consumers are concerned they are seeing open happiness on TV and are listening to it on the radio, when outside they are seeing it on the billboards and at the point of sales, when in malls and offices they are experiencing it through the vending machines, while being on the web they are seeing it on Facebook and on the Expedition206 home page. ‘Open Happiness’ is everywhere and coca cola has been able to create an overall consumer experience which has had such an impact that people have started associating happiness with coke. Now that’s what you call success and any brand would spend anything to have that impact.





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