Executive Board Election

I am planning on running for the position of lesson coordinator and I’m currently in need of a speech for that. It is for an equestrian team, where I am trying to run for lesson coordinator, which is responsible for scheduling lessons for team members at a local barn and to coordinate between the barn, the coaches, and the team. This speech is mainly about the qualification that I have in running for this position.

I am currently a freshman in college. I was on the class event committee in high school, where I have planning multiple social events and trips for my class (sophomore year to senior year). I also worked as a coordinator at my school’s writing center, where I have to coordinate between the volunteers and the students at my school. Please try to use a relaxed and humorous tone as much as possible. Making little puns or jokes in the beginning is fine as well. Please try to focus on the qualification part!



Sample Solution

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