The levels and dimensions of discourse analysis

I wrote some of the essay but did not complete it . could you complete it ? What left is : 1/the body (3 paragraphs with examples from different sources and analyze them ) 2/the conclusion (should contain 3 elements the summary of the main points, restate the main argument and your personal critical reflection )

The following is my uncompleted essay :

  • In this presentation we will be discussing the topic of the levels and dimensions of discourse analysis.

r We have chosen this topic because we realize that discourse is first of all a form of language use, it goes without saying that linguistic methods of analysis have played a predominant role in the study of text and talk

  • This topic give us a lot of importance as discourse constitutes society and culture. In addition, discourse is a form of social action.
  • levels and dimensions of discourse analysis as a topic has always been an important field of study in discourse analysis.
  • This presentation is divided mainly into three sections: Varieties of descriptive approaches, Descriptive framework of discourse analysis and from structural descriptions to functional analysis.
  • The essay argues that, an interdisciplinary approach to discourse cannot be limited to structural analysis of its various levels or dimensions but also needs to pay attention to cognitive processes and to memory repir~pi




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