Understanding Chimpanzee Language

1: For the first part of the assignment record an hour conversation with your friend. Collect all your data (conversation) then make a table and divide it into two categories: 1. Possible for chimpanzees: conversations that do no more than convey social interest. 2. Not possible for chimpanzees: discussions involving displacement. You can also make up a conversation about “planning for the future” or “religion” or “discussing the past to make the important decision”. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ ARTICLE 1 to know more about Chimpanzee Language and Mind. PART 2: Using this 5 articles ONLY. (Do not use the internet for any other sources) answer these questions: 1. As a way of getting started with your assignment, estimate the proportion of time you spend in each. Then speculate on what advantage language gave you for the period of your data collection, versus remaining silent. 2. Drawing on what you know about chimpanzee communication, and on what you’ve learned about the distinctive characteristics of human language, and on what you know about evolution, speculate on why language evolved




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