Business Branding

Positioning/branding – What is your business’ branding? How can you help their brand to become more distinctive in the mind of their customers? What did their customer say?
Value proposition – Why would someone buy from you vs. a competitor?
Make relevant recommendations
Include references to academic sources
——————— ————————————————
Marketing Mix- With reference to academic sources review and outline each element of the extended marketing mix. Is the marketing mix still relevant in such a digital era? How is your chosen company using the extended marketing mix?
How can they improve the use of the marketing mix by adopting more new marketing DNA? (More up to date marketing tools)?

Marketing mix- Product/service Strategy – What is the business offering currently, what is the future plan for their product/service?
Pricing – What is their pricing strategy (e.g. economy, luxury) and what improvements can you suggest based on your observation and surveys?
Distribution – What channels are used to move the product through the supply chain? What improvements or new channel opportunities can you recommend?
Marketing Communication Strategy
If appropriate, identify or suggest programs that will be used to generate sales and/or leads for sales teams.
PR – How will they share news, get mentions, reviews, use influencers, etc. and build credibility?
Online and Offline – What types of communication and promotional programs, tools and resources do they need to reach objectives? Look at different communication tools such as advertising, content marketing, sponsorships, events, mobile, digital, social media, etc.
People- HRM
Physical evidence/servicescape and process (service blueprint).
You will be assessed on the credibility of your opinions in the light of the organisational context and the implications for management in your conclusions.
You could reflect on some strengths and weaknesses of old and new marketing DNA (marketing tools) and how to incorporate both.
Controls – You could summarise on the metrics/KPI’s you will use to measure results.
You will be assessed on the feasibility of the recommendations in terms of cost, practicability and acceptability to the organisation and the likely implementation time span.

Make recommendations on how your chosen business could include more new marketing DNA (21st century marketing/ digital).

Some of your suggestions could include the level of:

Customer centricity- Experience-centric vs. solution-centric

Value proposition and the idea of co-creation of value
Service-oriented vs. technology obsessed
How to be more in tune with modern lifestyles, values, social changes, etc.?















































Sample Solution

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