Creating a Domain Model Class Diagram

Refer to the RMO CSMS domain model class diagram shown in Figure 4-23 on page 111 of the textbook and the discussion of subsystems in Chapter 3.
Using Microsoft Visio or an open source altemative such as Dia, create a domain model class diagram for the RMO CSMS marketing subsystem. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length. Provide a narrative describing your diagram that includes: An overview of the diagram An analysis of the different classes in the diagram Use at least three (3) quality resources outside of the suggested resources in this assignment.

The specific course teaming outcomes associated with this assignment are: Design high-level logical system characteristics (user interface design, design of data and information requirements). Develop clear and concise business requirements documents and convert them into technical specifications.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in systems analysis and design. Write clearly and concisely about advanced systems analysis and design topics using 0600rititi6Friiialiacs and technical style conventions.






























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