Fintech in the Middle East

Write a literature review of these 4 sources that are mentioned below.

Ernest & Young (2017), Innivation in fianncial inclusion: Revenue Growth through innovative inclusion

Jagtiani J. and Lemieux C. (2017), Fintech Lending: Financial Inclusion, Risk Pricing, and Alternative Information, available at :

McCaffey M. and Schiff A. (2017), Finclusion to Fintech: Fintech product development for Low-Income Markets, available at: haps://

Osafo-Kwaako P., Singer M., White 0. and Zouaoui y. (2018), Mobile Money in emerging markets: The business case for financial inclusion. McKinsey &Company, March 2018.

Also i need other 6 other sources to be mentioned in the literature review. These 6 sources need to be discussing keywords like fintech, adoption of fintech, trust of fintech and financial inclusions of fintech. Total of sources should be 10 that will be mentioned in the literature review. Basically, 10 sources in total should be read and rephrased in the literature review.

I also want you to discuss and answer three questions: 1) How fintech can increase the financial inclusion of the unbanked in the MENA region? 2) How to increase the adoption of fintech services by consumers? 3) How firms can enhance trust in fintech based on consumers’ perspective?





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