Stressful Situation: Moving to a new city to start a new job where you don’t know anyone

Define the problem, and explain your reaction – how and why it is a source of stress to you  (be as specific as you can).   Generate solution ideas, i.e., techniques that can be used to manage the stress associated with the problem.  Using the Stress Model continuum that we discussed in class, come up with viable stress management interventions:   at least one or two from the LIFE SITUATION level of stress management, and at least one or two from the COGNITIVE APPRAISAL level of stress mgt.   Be sure to clearly identify which level each strategy generates from (life situation, cognitive appraisal).    Also give one or two SUPPORTIVE INTERVENTIONS that will assist in overall stress reduction:   on the EMOTIONAL AROUSAL level of the Stress Model, and on the PHYSIOLOGICAL AROUSAL level of the Stress Model.   Be sure to label the supportive techniques according to the stress model level that they represent as well. Keep in mind that in general, solutions on the “life situation” and “cog appraisal” levels are more dynamic than solutions on the “emotional arousal” and “physiological arousal” levels, which are typically supportive and back-up techniques to assist in reducing stress.



Sample Solution

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