Jabberwocky is a famous poem by Lewis Carroll which is featured in the following clips. Please note the different interpretations that are used to give the poem meaning. http://www.youtube.comtwatch?v=b0dhJXUX614 http://www.youtube.comtwatch?v=Bnkumgf5qVw You job is to re-translate this poem into a context of your own. Try to be creative about where you would set it. Think about who the Jabberwocky could be. Is it a dragon? A teacher? A wizard? A child? A dog? Your mother in law’s evil cat? Come up with a creative context in which to set the poem. Describe the context you are creating and the speech community that would best understand your poem. 2) Create a lexicon of the nonsense words in the poem (list them) and then create a replacement lexicon of words that you will replace the nonsense words with. Your new lexicon should reflect the suggestions for improving semantics that is given in your text. In other words, the language you used should be concrete, familiar and specific. 2) Rewrite the poem using your new lexicon of words (replacing the nonsense words with the ones that make sense in the context that you chose to use). I should be able to understand the poem when you finish because any of the nonsense words have been replaced by words that make sense. 3) Tell me how you used syntax, connotation, and denotation to give the poem meaning. 4) How did this activity illustrate each of the 3 Characteristics of language that are described in your textbook? (arbitrary, abstract and changing)? 5) How did the phonemics of your poem change through the process? Do you think the first version has a ring to it the second version does not? If so what do you think was lost in translation? The poem does not need to be that long



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