Old and new marketing strategy for TOY ROOF London

This is the work:
Like any consultant it makes sense for you to carry out secondary (academic theories for STP, marketing strategy and the marketing mix) and primary research, particularly to provide your chosen business with new information and not with what they already know.

Primary research can take the form of ethnographic/netnographic research (participant observation), interviews, questionnaires, etc.

The key areas to investigate include a SWOT analysis (from their weaknesses you can figure out in what area they need more help), what use of technology are they making at the moment? What else could be done? What is their segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategy? What customers buy from them and why? Is there any gap in the market? What is their unique selling preposition (USP)? What is their branding strategy, what else could be done?, How is your chosen company using the marketing mix? How can they improve on their traditional and contemporary marketing(old and new marketing DNA)?







Sample Solution

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