What contributes the most to your sense of self-identity, ie. what makes you certain that you are the same person today that you were in the past? Is it self-consciousness and memory as for Descartes and Locke, open to doubt as for Hume, something transcendental making experience of a unified self possible as for Kant, something you create for yourself through choice and commitment as for Sartre, an illusion which causes suffering as for the Buddhist or something social as for Hegel and Marx? Does authentic selfhood require breaking away from conformism or can conformity supply a ready-made self-identity which is perfectly satisfactory for most people? Give reasons for holding your view.

What do you think of the body-soul dualism, which runs through the westem cultural tradition? Is it really necessary that the soul be viewed as having to fight with the body in order to transcend the temptations of the flesh as the Judeo-Christian religious tradition insists? Or could we become more at peace with the material aspect of our being, enjoying bodily pleasure without shame or guilt as the sexual revolution advocated? Do you think that the mind-body dualism which gives rise to the mind-body problem is correct? Or are you more convinced by the various attempts to overcome this dualism (materialism, idealism, identity theory, or the view that there is a mind-body unity which is prior to the division between the two)? Is dualism itself due to abstraction? Give reasons for holding your view.

Do you believe that you are have a free will, or are you determined by causal laws just like every other part of nature? How exactly are free will and determinism defined and what are the different assumptions, which make them seems incompatible. Why does the advance of natural science tend to undermine the belief in free will which seems to be essential to holding people responsible for their behavior as religion, morality and criminal law contend? Is there perhaps a cogent middle position between the extremes, which would allow freedom and necgkt§tily/WtlelMoliqi19WsGive reasons for holding your view. Go to Settings to activate Windows.















































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