Summary & analysis of an interview (manager)

Law & Strategy Final Assignment – Part A

In a cogent, well organized and grammatically correct essay of 7-10 pages (12 point Times New Roman Font, standard margins, double-spaced) write a summary and analysis of an interview or series of interviews you are to conduct with a manager in an organization about which you have ample information and access.

Note that you need not identify the organization by name. It may or may not be your present or former workplace. You need not identify the manager’s name but should include some description of the manager’s level of responsibility and scope of duties in the organization. Indeed, the manager may be yourself.

In your interview and in your write up, be sure to address the following:

Section I
What is the [corporate/entity] structure of the organization?
What are the major duties and responsibilities of the organization? …of the manager interviewed?
What is the command chain?
What is the role of the legal department, if any? Any relationship with outside counsel?
What legal issues has the organization faced? Give attention to any related ethical issues as well. Who is charge with ethical oversight?
Provide an assessment of management. Focus on examples where management has successfully or unsuccessfully dealt with legal and ethical issues with the organization.
How did management deal with the legal and ethical issues? What support or resources, if any were at their disposal?
Section II

Critique the organization’s management using law & strategy management concepts you have learned in the course.
Provide law & strategy recommendations
Apply Bird’s pathway analysis – where would you rank the organization on Bird’s continuum and why? How could it improve?
Was the organization successful based on Barney’s resource-based view of the firm framework? Why or Why not? How could it be?
Reflect and comment on how Bagley’s concept of legal astuteness can be applied to the organization. How did the management relationship with counsel affect the solution or failure to solve legal and ethical issues?
Law & Strategy Final Assignment – Part B

Please review the video that was posted relating to the discussion of inside and outside counsel. Also please read the two brief articles posted on the website.

Please answer two questions:

1. Based on your understanding of law and strategy, assuming a company uses both inside and outside counsel who should take the lead in directing the entity’s legal strategy and policy?

2. Would your answer be different if the corporation was not a U.S. based entity?













































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