Q: If we (the vendor) were to implement a change of process, we would charge you one price if we were to treat this as a straight work-for-hire, but we would be inclined to charge less if we would be able to take the assets we create for SC and reuse and resell them for other clients. Does SC prefer that it maintain exclusivity over this material?
A: SC will maintain exclusivity over the material.

Q: We are assuming that we would build curriculum and then sell SC materials in order to recover our investment. We would not charge you up-front for our services. Is this correct?
A: The modalities of paying for the service may be negotiated at a later date, as specified in the RFP calendar.

Q. Please provide the technical specifications for uploading data/information/content into the HRIS system.
A: As long as the content complies with the QA requirements that were included in the RFP, data is not substantially different from standard HR data.

Q. If SC’s pricing model allows for significantly lower price points in a co-IP ownership capacity but provides SC with exclusivity for a period of time, does SC want to see other pricing models that could lower the cost to build and launch as well as joint marketing and revenue share models for downstream revenue opportunities?
A: Please include your thoughts on this in your proposal.

Q: Would SC be interested in building TV programming around grammar topics?
A: This question may be out of the scope of the RFP. Please include your thoughts on this in your proposal.






















































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