Final Report/Analysis of Interview


a. ONLY QUOTE THE INTERVIEWER, NOT INTERVIEWEE-each original response of worker will be quoted exactly
b. identification of skills used in each response
c. the reason(s) for using these skills OR a “BETTER” response that would be more appropriate
d. identification of skills in better response (if revised)
e. the reasons for using these skills if revised

    After each response is specifically reviewed in this fashion, two other parts are           required: 

    PART 2 should describe the student’s overall use of skills; for example, dominant       skills used, appropriateness of skills, areas where there could be improvement.                 The analysis should include the process skills of structuring for information and               action and enlisting cooperation.  It is expected that Part 2 will be a serious                 elaborative critique that includes skills covered in the course AND discussed in the            textbook, "Essential Interviewing a programmed approach to effective communication" 9th ed. By Evans,Hearn, Uhlemann, Ivey.

    PART 3 should identify skills not used, where and how they could have been              utilized with specific examples quoted (and cited appropriately in APA) and                 reasons for their use or lack of use.

    The Final Analysis should include appropriate discussion of terms from the textbook and             other information from other resources is cited appropriately (APA 6th Edition). And a          reminder that “A” work according to the HVCC grading scale includes: “High quality written      work including neatness, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, organization of content             and evidence of appropriate research when required.” 

Additional Requirements for Assignments:

ALL assignments are expected to be completed on time. If you need to miss a quiz, midterm, final examination, or final presentation due to illness or extreme circumstances, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor to advise of the absence BEFORE the class starts and to schedule a time to make up the missed material. There is no automatic entitlement to a make-ups or extensions. If granted, these must be completed within three days of the original assessment. Please contact instructor for any questions about this policy.

All work/words applied from the textbook or another source requires the proper citation in APA (6th ed.) format. Any work which has been plagiarized will receive a grade of zero and will be subject to college discipline policy.

Sample Solution

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