This assignment serves as the final examination for the course.


Select one of the following three options and
write a brief essay of no more than 500 words. 
Be sure to include an introduction, body, and brief conclusion.

Option 1

This course is comprised of many learning activities, each of which was designed to help you achieve one or more of the seven learning outcomes listed in the syllabus and below for your reference.  The final examination asks you to think back over the course, the activities and exercises, the readings, the assignments, and any other aspect of the course.  Choose at least three of the learning outcomes and write at least one paragraph for each in which you evaluate specifically how you were helped or not helped to achieve the learning outcome.  Discuss what were the most effective activities for you to help achieve the learning outcome and any activity that was not effective for you.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Respond orally and in writing to evaluate, analyze and critically assess the ideas and meanings of diverse texts.
  2. Compose reasoned responses to course readings,discussions, and visual prompts, by including a clear, engaging thesis statement and supporting that statement with well-organized, detailed evidence.
  3. Make appropriate rhetorical decisions to achieve the purpose of a written work, based on an understanding of ethical issues and underlying assumptions and values in the argument.
  4. Deepen understanding of a topic by conducting research that leads to a documented paper with appropriate documentation.
  5. Revise their writings to improve clarity, content,tone, and style, addressing such issues as audience, structure, and voice.
  6. Edit writing so understanding is not impaired as a result of errors in grammar, mechanics, or sentence structure.
  7. Demonstrate understanding of the interdependent relationship of reading, writing, and thinking, and reflect on their thinking as part of a larger community of thinkers.

Option 2

Reflect on what you learned about the composition process during the course.  Discuss two insights you have gained from your composition process. For each one, write at least one paragraph and describe how you came to the insight and how that notion expands beyond ENGL 123 (i.e. How will it help you reach future academic and/or professional goals?).  Then, in another paragraph, describe one obstacle you faced and overcame and how you would have approached the obstacle differently knowing what you know now.

Option 3

Early in the course, you were asked to compare how you felt about writing to a food.  In a paragraph, discuss your original analogy and whether or not you have changed your feelings at all and explain why or why not.  Then, in at least two paragraphs, compare your experience in ENGL 123 to a complete meal. Using specific examples from what you learned in the course, explain what was the appetizer, main entree and dessert.  Be sure to discuss why you selected certain activities or course concepts as the different meal parts.  Be creative and honest!

Sample Solution

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