Research in Education or in the Health Sciences.

Given the reading and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts that you will consider when you evaluate research in Education or in the Health Sciences.

  1. Recognize three types of research questions: (a) descriptive, (b) relational, and (c) causal (Module 1).
  2. Differentiate between nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio types of data (Module 2).
  3. Identify the independent and dependent variables in a research study (Module 2).
  4. Formulate a null and alternative research hypothesis in accordance with a corresponding research question (Module 3).
  5. Explain the process of hypotheses testing (Module 3).
  6. Describe three types of research designs (non-experimental, quasi-experimental, true experimental) (Module 4).
  7. Describe research reliability and different types of research validity (construct, conclusion, internal, and external) (Module 5).
  8. Reflect upon and integrate course concepts (Module 6).

Sample Solution

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