Coffee market

The word limit is 2000. This does not include bibliography and appendix sections.

The report
has 4 sections:

Section A: a brief overview of the company/brand. In this section, you can use 5Cs or Swot-framework that we discussed in week 1 lecture and week 2 seminar. There is no need to use both frameworks, one is enough.

Section B:analysis of pricing strategy(s) adopted by the firm. As explained in the class,you are not asked to DO the pricing but rather give an overall overview of the type of pricing strategy(s) that the company is using. For example, penetration pricing, price skimming, premium pricing, bundle pricing, premium pricing,etc. All these methods are explained in the class. After you explained the company’s pricing strategy(s), then you outline your own evaluation and recommendations. This should not take more than a paragraph. In some cases that the company is doing a fairly good job, you can state that and justify why you think the current strategy(s) are good.

Section C:analysis of branding strategies. In class we discussed 3 branding strategies(mind-share, emotional, and cultural). In this section, you are required to explain which one of these strategy(s) your brand is taking and why (bear in mind that a combination of strategies might be used). You can back your argument with examples from the online or print advertisements, promotion campaigns, and product types that the company is offering. We did a similar task with the case of easy Jet in the seminar time (you can use this case as guide). Similar to what I explained above, you then outline you revaluation/recommendations or justify why the current strategies are good and should not change.

Section D:analysis of social media strategies. In this section, you can discuss how the brand is taking advantage of different digital platforms, whether or not the brand is forming an online community, whether or not the brand is collaborating with influences and so on.

Sample Solution

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