Dance history

There are 2 parts to the exam: PART ONE: Short essay questions. Choose one choreographer from the list in Question #1 to write about. Next. choose four other quest-questions. Note that you MUST answer question #1, choosing one choreographer to write about. Please choose and answer This makes a total of FIVE questions.Please number the questions in Part One. CHOOSE ONE CHOREOGRAPHER FROM THE LISTING QUESTION #1 –

1 These-choreographers have made very important contributions to dance. Identify what dance form they worked in (ballet, r company), describe their style, and discuss their contribution to dance: George Balanchine Isadora Duncan Martha Graham Alvin Ailey Jerome Robbin (I have already chose Isadora Duncan for this question.)

CHOOSE FOUR QUESTIONS TO DISCUSS FROM QUESTIONS #2 to #6 -2. As people move and migrate,whether by choice or by force (slavery), they bring their traditions, including dance, with the had a profound effect on dance and music in our New World cultures. Discuss some of the ways these enslaved Africans in social dances,martial arts or religious rituals they contributed.

3. Dance evolves in cycles between innovation (change) and tradition. Discuss 3 examples of tradition in dance when dance examples of innovation (change) when new ways of dancing or new styles made a break from the dance of the time. Who (innovations in dance forms or styles related to social change or historical forces? How? .

5. Compare and contrast ballet and modern dance. Include at least four similarities and 4 differences between the 2 forms. (‘ Graham or Doris Humphrey in contrasting modern dance and ballet.)

6. Discuss the impact of technology on dance. How have photography, film, television,computers and recorded music Chang dance? Do you think this is positive or negative? Why?

PART Two Performance Response in the Describe/Analyze/Interpret format. Make sure that your Describe section is detailed, complete of the response in part two:”Describe”, “Analyze”, and “Interpret.” DANCE OBSERVATION/ DESCRIPTION: View the dances in these video links. Choose one to write about:

Choice 1 –

Choice 2 —”Cool”-Edance+section+video8Aview=detail&mid=A6ADO1D5015,

Describe the dance using our format-Describe — How does the dance use space, time and energy? Where is the dance taking place? How many dancers are pert dance designed in space? How does the music and rhythm relate to the dance? What movement qualities do you observe —thrusting, twisting? What is the sequence of the action in the dance? Analyze — What seems most important in this dance?What patterns do you notice? Does it tell a story, have characters or e: Is the dance abstract – simply -about’ the movement itself? Interpret — What do you think the dance is expressing? What is the choreographer “saying- in the dance? What connections

IMPORTANT NOTE – The writing in this final must be in your own words.You may use the textbook, your notes, or a website to write about are in the textbook.) want to read what you understand from the class in your own writing.

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