Resume and Cover Letter

In this assignment, you will write a cover letter and a resume (or customize your current resume) for a specific job posting. Follow the steps below: Select a job that you would like to apply for now.This could be a full-time position, part-time position, or internship. In your assignment submission, be sure to provide a link to the job posting or a copy of the position description. Based on this job posting, write and customize your resume as if you were going to apply for this position. Before you write your resume, refer to the lecture for this Module for ideas to include. You may also want to visit websites that show example resumes like or Write a customized cover letter that highlights your qualifications for the position. Before you write your cover letter, refer to the lecture for this Module or search for examples online. Submit a single Word document that includes the specific job posting, your cover letter, and your customized resume.

Sample Solution

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