Sports governance

Unit 1 sports sales Unit 2 professional golf and tennis Unit 3 player entry draft and free agency Unit 4 NCAA organization NCAA recruitment and graduation For EACH of the Five units that we have covered in this class (each unit defined in the syllabus and Canvas), describe FOUR facts, theories or other elements of the course section that you did not previously know. Quite simply: What did you learn?

2) For Each of the FIVE sections, find a news story that is relevant to that area. The news story must be NO OLDER THAN MARCH 1, 2018 — these are new, current issues and stories in professional and collegiate sports business.

For each of these five news stories, give (1) A one-paragraph overview of the issue in the article; (2) the full citation for the article; (3) A one-paragraph review of your opinions on what likely will happen next, based on what you have learned-in the class.. Remember that it must be ONE ARTICLE RELEVANT TO EACH UNIT. Five-articles on the same topic will not suffice. Greater degrees of specificity will produce a better paper.

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