Unit Plan and Lesson Plan

Create a new Unit Pacing Guide that you will use for ECI 473. (REMEMBER, your demonstration of understanding/performance task for this class will be 3 lesson plans that come from the same unit — the unit you are beginning to plan. Another major check for understanding is the summative assessment you will create (which is part of this unit plan.) STEPS to help you: • Travel to your NC Standard Course of Study (the new standards for English teachers) / Essential Standard that guide (BIG IDEAS) your Unit Plan/Lesson Plans • Unpack — look at Figure 3.2(64) • Analyze and apply Figure 3.3 (71) — begin to organize your content (seebelow) by thinking about ‘Worth being familiar with”, “important to know’ and “BIG IDEAS and Core Tasks”. • create your UNIT PLAN…but only your unit plan. Do not create any lesson plans on your UNIT PLAN document.And, make sure everything makes sense on your Unit Plan. In the past iterations, you did not connect everything together.

Sample Solution

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