Proactive government fiscal policy produces economic growth.

  1. Assume that you are researching the following thesis statement: Proactive government fiscal policy produces economic growth.
    a). Using the criteria provided in class, explain why this is a valid thesis statement.
    b). Explain how the thesis relates to the definition of “politics” provided in class.
    c). Define each concept conceptually, identifying and explaining which is the “explainer concept” and which is the “concept to be explained.”
    d). Define each concept identified in item (c) operationally, identifying the independent and dependent variables emerging from the operational definition.
    e). Defend each operational definition in (d) by indicating how your independent variable is a measurable stand-in for your “explainer concept” and your dependent variable is a measurable stand-in for your “concept to be explained.”
    f). Suggest a testable research hypothesis based on the variables in item(d).
    g). Present a tentative research design to test the hypothesis presented in item (f).
  2. Analyze the characteristics of one of the research paradigms presented in class and in the class readings. Take care to specify the assumptions underlying the paradigm and the general research direction that the paradigm provides. Analyze how the specific class reading related to your paradigm of choice exemplifies the use of the paradigmatic research model.

Part B: (Answer ONE of the following two questions).

  1. Indicate how journalists and political scientists differ or should differ in their descriptions and analyses of the 2018 elections. What emphases would each set of observers employ in discussing the events? You can present the journalists’ perspective in general terms but be specific in relation to your discussion of political scientists, analyzing the electoral outcomes as phenomena involving politics, political systems, influence and regimes.
  2. Critically analyze the following assertion: the study of government and politics can be a scientific enterprise. Be specific is addressing the arguments of those who do not believe that this statement is valid.

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