The Tempest by Shakespeare’s

For part a of my essay I want you to write a short story based on what I wrote which is in my attached files titled “Present DAR The short story will be based on The-tempest by Shakespeare’s Act 1, scene 2 basically an adaptation on a way you want; I wrote how my adaptation will be in the attached file. Also I included what my professor want you to do. Please read my proposal which is the essay attached to guide you with the short story. Part a I want it to be just 2 pages(Fully). Please use simple language that everyone understand. For part b I want you to write 3 full pages please(Fully written) in there you will justify the choices I make. Please read the Artist’s Statement also in the attached file which is part B and read all the professor instructions. ln where it says Synthesis you will compare my adaptation to the original one. Please just read the attached files and the teachers instructions.

Sample Solution

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