Article Analysis

• Summary of the chosen articles o At least one introductory paragraph about the topic in general o One or two paragraphs about your primary paper O Be sure to state clearly who the authors were, what university/universities did this research, what they were researching, and what their results and conclusions were (this information can be found in the abstract and discussion of the paper) O What audience do you feel would benefit from this paper? O What are some of the current arguments being made in this field? Are the researchers contributing to or looking to change/improve an existing method? o One or two paragraphs about your secondary paper • Be sure to state the magazine/newspaper/source where the article was published and who the target audience is for this source • Be sure to state what scientific literature sources the article cited (other primary sources? Secondary sources? Government websites?) • What audience do you feel would benefit from this paper? • Why do you feel this source was written? • Comparing the differences between your primary and your secondary source formats o What were some of the overall differences you found in format and content? o What are these papers discussing and what did they find? O Is there an argument being made in each of these papers? Go to Settings to act;vate o What do you feel is the goal for each of these papers?
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o Why do you think that articles published more than four years ago would not benefit?

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