Answer the following questions: 1. Music from its early Christian origins through the beginning of the Renaissance (over 1400 years) is often lumped together as’early music”. Describe how music from the period of monophonic chant, the medieval period, and the early Renaissance is different stylistically. (Three long paragraphs) 2. Compare the following German works, highlighting their textual and stylistic differences. Three main paragraphs. (Question about text. How do they differ) =Three long paragraphs)

* Schutz – Musikalische exequien * Bach – Actus tragicus (Gods time is the best time) * Beethoven – Cantata on the Death of Emperor Joseph II * Brahms – Ein Deutsches Requiem ( What is interesting what is client about it)

3. We studied two works from relatively early in the Romantic period: the Requiems of Cherubini (1817) and of Berlioz (1837). How did the works prefigure the late Romantic style (Brahms and Verdi)? (Musical essay, you wanna say something about each requiems Instrumentation and dynamics) (Two Paragraphs)

1. Complete this essay. (Five long paragraphs)

This semester focused on music of remembrance. Choose at least three pieces, either from class or from your own knowledge, and reflect on how the piece served or serves as an instrument of remembrance. In each case, as appropriate, you may consider the piece and its musical elements, the circumstances of its composition, a later application of the piece (perhaps unintended by the composer), its public reception or place in society, and primary or secondary sources related to the piece and its usage.

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