Public Personnel Management – Disability Employment

Students must prepare a A 6-8-page paper on a researched and analyzed concept within public personnel management. The paper must include historical background, references from the HCAAF, at least 5 scholarly sources (includes the three in the journal abstract assignment), and evidence of understanding as the topic relates to effective and efficient leadership/operations in public or non-profit organizations. This is the critical assignment. It must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course. APA, Font 12, it Margins, Double Spaced, the 6-8 doesn’t include the title page or reference page. The objectives for this paper include;

1. Students hall use college level paragraph and sentence structure to present information in an organized and concise manner, with college level grammar, punctuation,and spelling that demonstrates appropriate word choice, tone, and format.

2. Students shall command the use of the Internet to conduct effective and efficient information search and be able to cite the web sources used for research.

3. Students shall apply strategies of proper management of public sector employees and volunteers based on public personnel standards.

4. Students shall conduct research on academic and government databases and apply social science research methods for the purpose of writing original analysis.

Sample Solution

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