Reach and Target Market sizes

Watch the posted instructional videos on the Sales Funnel Technique and Best Pricing Practices.
Complete the Best Practices Questionnaire in full, utilizing the techniques and principles described in all of the videos from Weeks 3 and 4.
You’ll want to refer to information you’ve learned in the GoTo sessions and the Asynchronous Lectures as well as from your Discussion Board assignments. This is your opportunity to tie principles together to paint a comprehensive picture of -Best Practices” in today’s marketplace.
Complete the Sales Funnel process and answer the questions in the Best Practices Questionnaire.

  1. Your Reflections Essay from the Week 3 Asynchronous Lecture
  2. The completed Best Practices Questionnaire (as a Word doc)
    Grading Criteria:
    Please see the PDF instructions for further information, details, and expectations. The grading rubric is attached on the last page.
    For your final project, you will combine many of the business principles you’ve learned in PAM and will discuss industry Best Practices.
    Important reminder your Reflections essay from Week 3 is due with this Best Practices Questionnaire. You may insert your Reflections essay as a part of this questionnaire or you may upload your Reflections as a separate document. Either way is acceptable.
    HINT: You may want to watch the Project Overview video (above). In addition to this video, you’ll definitely want to watch the Sales Funnel Explained and the Pricing Principles Best Practices videos posted below. These explain the sales funnel technique, which you’ll need in order to complete Part A of your Best Practices Questionnaire, and savvy pricing principles in today’s marketplace (which you’ll also need for Section C of your Best Practices Questionnaire).
    Questionnaire: Along with your Reflections Essay, please upload the Word copy of your Best Practices Questionnaire, fully and thoughtfully completed. Sections A-C are questions that continue from yourAWeer.Prcpating Project, mct.i d Le and the remainder of the questions ask you to integrate many of the principles learned in aM o your own business. 

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