Group discussion

Write a paragraph summary of each of these readings. Each group of readings has a few questions that should also be ans which will be uploaded PDFs.

Group 1:Questions: How do we understand the artistic and gender identities of the artist? What does it mean to speak back to the cei

Anne M.
Wagner, “Lee Krasner as L.K.”

T.J. Clark,
-In Defense of Abstract Expressionism,”

Group 2:

What do these two models of photography share and how are they opposed? What claims is Cahun making for photography, and for definitions of the self?

Rosalind Krauss, “Photography in the Service of Surrealism- Surrealism Laurie Monahan, -Radical Transformations: Claude Cahun and the Masquerade of Womanliness,”

PDF will be uploaded Mary Ann Caws, “Doubling: Claude Cahun’s Split Self,” PDF will be uploaded

Discussion questions: How does Bardeen propose forging a new identity for black subjectivity in the modem age: what would this new image look like? How would it both commemorate the cultural trauma and break free of that trauma?

Rachel DeLue,
“Conjure and Collapse in the Art of Romare Bearden,”

Ellison, “The Art of Romare Bearden,” Pages 227-238

Romare Bearden, “The Negro Artist and Modem Art,”http://ww.nathanieltumer.comMegroarlistandmodemarthtm

Group 4:

What would a
decentered modemism look like?

ParthaMitter, “Decentering Modem ism: Art History and Avant-Garde Art from the Periphery,”

Arunad’Souza, “Introduction,”

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