Social Work Working with Data

This assignment will allow you to analyze in detail the decisions made in the “Social Work Research: Chi Square” case study and the relationship between study design and statistical analysis. Assume that the data has been entered into SPSS and you’ve been given the output of the chi-square results. (See Week 4 Handout: Chi-Square findings). An analysis of the relationship between study design and statistical analysis used in the case study that includes: • An explanation of why you think that the agency created a plan to evaluate the program • An explanation of why the social work agency in the case study chose to use a chi square statistic to evaluate whether there is a difference between those who participated in the program and those who did not (Hint: Think about the level of measurement of the variables) • A description of the research design in terms of observations (O) and interventions (X) for each group. • Interpret the chi-square output data. What do the data say about the program?

Sample Solution

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