Controversy Over Time and Space

Violence/Indecency/Free Speech Thread Controversy Over Time and Space Earlier you looked at social issues as expressed by popular culture artifacts in historical context. This week you do the same thing, but by looking at current issues that are being addressed by popular culture. Then you hypothesize about whether the conversations about this issue will provoke or resist change, and how and why this might happen. Imagine that you are a philosopher and you have been asked to predict the future of an issue based on popular culture. Your main post should be in the thread that corresponds to the issue you have chosen for your final project. Posting in that thread will allow you to continue testing ideas you may want to include in your Final Project. However, you should feel free to respond to colleagues in any thread that interests you. Reading about how others approach their issues and popular culture can inspire new ways to think about your own issue and popular culture elements. For this Discussion, your Instructor will either assign groups to threads or direct you to choose one thread from the choices listed this week. If you are directed to choose a thread on your own, follow these instructions: Each thread is limited to a maximum number of students based on class size A thread will close if the limit is reached. If a thread is closed to new posters, select from the open threads. To prepare for this Discussion: – Review a sampling of modern popular culture artifacts. The artifacts should not be more than 5 years old. You can identify your own, or review those posted in Doc Sharing by your colleagues. – Consider how your chosen issue is conveyed in the sampling you have chosen. – Select at least two artifacts. • Review how your chosen issue is being discussed today in the news media. Do this by visiting credible news sites via the Walden Library or on your own. Post by Day 3 a 250-word response in which you compare and contrast two popular culture elements in relationship to your chosen issue by answering the following: • Evaluate whether your sample of popular culture artifacts is provoking.

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