What is our future in cities? This is a question posed by many designers, planners, and managers in the different places that we have explored during the semester. This project is an opportunity to reflect on ideas about how the design and planning of a city’s green and landscape infrastructure influences the its urban form and affects the quality of people’s experiences of a city. With this idea in mind, this project will allow you to explore an existing infrastructure project that interests you and demonstrates a connection among green infrastructure, landscape infrastructure,and urban-ism. It is an opportunity to reflect on your own ideas and perspective about these topics. You will find a precedent project that you find interesting, do the background research for it, write up your findings in a paper, and present your results to the class. In your paper and presentation,you will need to find a green infrastructure project that exists or has been-designed and is under construction and then answer these questions: 1. What is the project you selected and why do you find it interesting? 2. Describe this project as infrastructure. What function(s) does it perform? 3. What was the impact of this project on the urban form of the city? 4. What are the particular historic events in the city that inspired this project to be builtin the first place? 5. What are the important environmental, social, cultural,political, economic, and/or technical factors that influenced the designed response of this project? 6. What are the important characteristics of this project (e.g., forms, size, shape, uses, users, materials, phases, and so on)?7. What are the three most important lessons that you learned from this project that can advance knowledge and practices in your particular discipline? 8. If you could make two suggestions to make this project better/more effective, what would they be? Please integrate visual examples (e.g., photographs, maps, etc.)to help support your answers to the questions.

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