Managing quality in health and social care

What is to be included in the gap analysis, what is it and how it is being used to achieve quality in services, and discuss the impact on service user through SEMIQUAVER MEASUREMENT and how it is
use in measuring quality and expectation and give examples. illustrate with a graph. then mention the 5 gaps and how they relate to one another, focus on SEMIQUAVER MODELS. eg. Questionnaires are very important for service users in measuring quality to know service users views and opinion. and write on other numerous views on the 5 dimension of Gap analysis.
And other methods used to get users opinion. please note that 4,1 AND 4.2 are linked. explain why involving patient is important for eg, get to know their specific needs, it gives the impact, clearer idea of the services that needs to be improved. Also self quality instrument is used to measure quality. please give illustration and how Gap is filled.

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