Journal: your Experience with Political Science Writing

Review the following resources:

* Purdue OWL Guide to Writing a Research Paper

 * UNC Writing
Center Guide to Political Science Writing

* Purdue OWL Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism

* After reviewing these resources, write a response
discussing your familiarity with writing research papers in general and writing
for political science specifically. Describe research and writing strategies
you have used in the past to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

 Finally, use this
journal assignment to ask any questions or discuss any concerns with regard to
your overall comfort level in conducting research and writing. Note use Purdue
OWL Guide to Writing a Research Paper

The following critical elements must be addressed

Research Process:

What are the most appropriate research methods for your research study? How are you applying your knowledge of the research process to your chosen research study?

Feasibility: Is it possible to complete your research study within the scope of this class? What sources have you chosen for your research study? PURDUE OWL

Are these sources available to you? How will you use these sources for your

Sample Solution

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