Your Place In History

We often think of Census data as something we can use to analyze the demographics of the country. It is a frequently used important tool for many sociologists. But there is more to it. You can look in the Census from years ago and other associated public records to piece together a history about a person. In this assignment you are asked to use Family Search https://familysearch.orgLinks to an external site. as described in the video under Pages to research a family member (or a celebrity if you don’t have relatives that fit the universe of people that can be studied) who would have been alive in 1940, but who is now deceased. Write a 300 to 600 word description of the history you find in the original source historical documents and records. You can add to this anything your family may know or related pictures of interest. I’m attaching my example (A Place in History preview the document) which is much longer than what you need to do. Please read my example and watch the video. If you have any trouble we can talk about it class as this assignment is not due for some time. Family Search is free. Do not pay anything! If you do go the route of looking for a celebrity look them up first in any web biography because many change their name to a stage name and you are more likely to find them under their real name. For example Rita Hayworth is actually named Margarita Carmen Cansino and Bob Hope is Leslie Towns Hope.

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