Kinsey contribution to sex research

Name 3 contributions Kinsey made to sex research and our understanding of human sexuality, and identify 3 limitations and/or ethical issues related to Kinsey’s research methodology. Be specific and use examples from the movie (Let’s Talk About Sex—recommended) or textbook.

1.Reflection Questions: Students will be responsible to answer 4-5 Reflection Questions each week. Each reflection question is related to the weekly reading sand course learning objectives. The student is required to thoroughly answer the reflection question posted and clearly connect the information to the learning objectives. The summaries should show critical analysis and synthesis of the information in a way that demonstrates good understanding of the material-presented. The summaries should be 4 paragraphs (containing a minimum of 4-6 sentences each— no more than 400 words) in length.

Course Objectives: Each student 1. Understand the concept of critical analysis and be able to apply it in the current course work. 2. Explore issues of controversy and diversity regarding human sexuality. 3. Discuss how the mass media reflect sand influences on sexual norms. 4. Understand how human sexuality is politicized in society and the implications for individuals and groups. 5.Explore sex research methods and ethical issues and guidelines. 6. Acquire knowledge and understanding of female and male sexual anatomy and physiology.7. Develop insight and awareness of gender issues including the concepts of masculine and feminine; gender identity formation; transsexualism transcendentalism; and gender roles 8. Understand the sexual response cycle including variations in arousal and response. 9. Explore issues surrounding love and communication in relationships. 10. Identify various sexual behaviors among individuals and couples. 11. Understand and discuss issues surrounding various sexual orientations. 12. Gain knowledge of the various types of contraception and discuss various social issues surrounding the use of contraception. 13. Explore sexuality over the human life span. 14. Explore various sexual difficulties and disorders. 15. Gain knowledge and understanding of Sexually Transmitted Infections, prevention and treatment. 16. Gain knowledge and understanding of atypical sexual behavior and discuss variftlknalteWinotlyrgsiessurrounding them. 17. Identify and discuss issues surrounding sexualcoercion/violence. 18. Identify and discuss issues surrounding omo ra andDrostitution

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