Practicing Ethics

After watching the NBC Learn video clips in this units dZ7rst study, choose one ofthe following leaders and research the corresponding leadership scandal to learn more about the case:

Who’s to Blame for the Enron Bankruptcy? — Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. World com Layoffs Begin — Bemard Ebbers. Bernard Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years for Fraud Scheme — Bernard L. tyladoff, Investment Securities, LLC. 1989 News Report on Exxon Valdez Oil Spill — Captain Joseph Hazel wood of Exxon Valdez during the 1989 Alaskan spill. Briefly summarize the scenario, including ethical implications of the issue for individuals, the organization, and society at large. Describe the terminal and/or instrumental values proposed by Cherokee on pages 26-27 of the Gamble and Gamble text that may have guided the leaders decision making. Among the variety of ethical theories and rationales for ethical behavior presented in the Gamble and Gamble text (pages 33-36), which would be most applicable to the leader in the case you selected? Explain.

Sample Solution

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