Basically I was supposed to do an internship at my local high school, Cicely L. Tyson School Of Performing And Fine Arts, but due to lack of time I was unable to, I basically need 4 journal entries on my experience working there and a summary on what I learned overall, this is formy foundation of music education class, I’ll copy the details in further below,here’s so basic points to key in on, im an African American Male student, My old teacher music teacher was no longer there so maybe I’m feeling a bit not at  home, I do however know some of the students in the class so that possibly made me feel better, I want to be a music teacher educator, I’m exited for the position….


There are many types of organizations that serve children and young adolescents. Some of these include scout troops, church groups, the Music Prep, YMCAI YWCA, and various other activity groups. You may choose an organization that best meets your interests. Plan on 4 weekly visits during the afternoon, early evening, or weekend. Visits must be done consecutively and notin one or two long sessions. You must see the same group with each visit.

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