“Incidents of a Slave Girl” by Harriet Jacobs and “Girl, Interrupted” by Susanna Kaysen

How do these texts represent choice making? In considering this question, you might want to discuss how much autonomy the narrator feels she/he has, what constraints the narrator feels impinge on hisor her choices; what knowledge or other resources the narrator can turn to in choice-making? The attached file is an answer that my friend has write. DO NOT USE OR COPY any word from it because the Prof. has read it. You may use ideas,yet the question got the grade of 70%. please concentrate on the required from the question. Huda, question two is a better answer so why don’t you rewrite question one to pull up the grade? The main problem with your answer to question one is that even in the first paragraph, it is really difficult to have a clear sense of what you are arguing about choice making. Please state your thesis as clearly as you can. The paragraphs that follow often seem to veer off topic, and in the end, I’m not sure what you actually are arguing about Kaysen’s choice-making. Are you trying to say that it was good that she couldn’t make her own choice because she was sick? What do you think Kaysen herself is trying to say about her choice-making? That is really my question here. The Jacobs section is stronger but there too, you would need to really focus and be clear about the choice-making issue. I think you may have been struggling with wanting to say many things, not all of which were related t the issue presented by the question.

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