Self-Reflection (Individual)


1. To prepare for your self .reflection please read relevant chapters in your text-book (CUM). These chapters will give you the background necessary reflect on what you have learnt in the class

2. Please reflect on what you have experienced in the class and from your team project on the learning process. the methods you employed to conduct your research, your interaction with the organisation that you studied and how you and your team mates came to your findings.

3. In this self-reflection, you are required to identify the highlights of the module period and any areas for improvement. You are also required to write up what personal lessons you have learnt in terms of sell-improvement and personal grov4h.

Writing Format’. The assignment must follow a general report formal. Please make sure to include formal style references for all literature sources used.

4. Assignment 2 must be submitted to your Programme Manager in hard copy, and in soft copy via Blackboard. It is the student’s responsibility to retain a copy of any submitted assessment/project work.Please read me Grade Descriptors in the Assignment 2 Grade Descriptor table.

5. Enjoy!

Assignment length: 1 100 – 1,300 words (excluding title page and appendix).

Sample Solution

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