Write a well-argued 3-page essay expanding on any 2 items on the themes below found in any of the New York limes, Economist, Wall Street Journal, and/or British Guardian about Africa that have been published between 1 November 2018 and 10 January 2019 – African Economic Issues: Prices of minerals, Role of China in Africa, Economic Growth/issues in a particular country -African Political Issues: Conflict in any of: Nigeria, Somalia,Burundi, Rwanda, Egypt, Libya. Other political issues, such as democracy, elections,corruption. – African Refugees – Climate and effects of climate change:Drought, flooding, conservation etc – Religion in Africa (and conflict) -Culture: Articles relating to positive stories in Africa regarding culture. You Should summarize each article in a paragraph, and then write a page on how the contents of the article relates to what you have learned in this class,referring to specific readings on Blackboard, the textbook, class modules and so forth. NOTE: These answers need to be written in essay form and should draw on specific readings. All work needs to be referenced properly.

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