Reflective journal

1. Introductory evaluation: You should consider at the outset of the module what you think are the important factors you are seeking in any existing or future work role. You might like to base your evaluation on previous experiences of work or study. For example, do you enjoy working alone or with others? Do you like being given responsibility? Do you think you would enjoy varied work, or do you prefer to stick with familiar activities? Is money important to you, or are you more interested in work which is meaningful, orwhere you can make a difference? Do you want to work for a large or small organization,for yourself? These are only a few of the issues you may want to discuss. Try to explain why these are important to you. 2. A regular record of your thoughts and how they develop in the light of what you are learning on the module. You MUST show in this section how your reading and learning in class is informing your thoughts and your work must include references to appropriate theory and how you are applying it to your own experience. You may include your reflections in the form of appendices in order to make the most of word count limitations. You must include at least 5 entries, one of which must be on the theme of ‘staff welfare’. 3. A final conclusion indicating how and whether and how your thoughts about your future work aspirations and ambitions have changed in the light of your Teaming and experiences on this module. You should ensure that you include any references to theory or research of relevance inappropriate Harvard referencing format. Whenever you discuss research or theory, you must clearly show your sources. Avoid anonymous web sources(including Wikipedia!) whose content may be unreliable.

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