The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio

In this project you are asked to expand on this topic: a)Give several detailed examples of the appearance of Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio in the plant world. Include examples of branch formation in plants, leaf arrangements around stems, and seed arrangements on circular seedheads (such as sunflower heads).

b) Discuss the concept of phyllotaxis. What is it, and what are some of the mathematical theories behind it? (Notes: The literature on Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio, and phyllotaxis is extensive! Try to keep your search focused.)

For this project you will choose one of the four fields(art, architecture, mathematics, the human body/face, mathematics or music) and investigate the history of the golden ratio in that field. Describe famous works of art, architecture, or music in which the golden ratio is alleged to have been used. How? Who were the artists, architects, and composers? Make sure to include whether the pieces you choose to research are “proven” as fact or “fiction” in regards to the use of the golden ratio.

Sample Solution

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