Nursing Home Compare project

Instructions The attached Document presents and describes this project. The Medicare.Gov website has several portals including Nursing Home Compare. The portal provides detailed information on every nursing home in the US (it also provide similar information for hospitals, hospice and other Medicare certified health care providers. The Assignment will give you an opportunity to learn about this portal and the available information. When I was a practicing Administrator I used this information for Quality Improvement activities since consumers had access to it. I also used it to compare my facility to local competition. students are to select one (1) facility using the Nursing Home Compare Portal (use a local zipcode to pick the facility to review). Using the data available, assess this facility. The evaluation should: • Describe general characteristics (i.e.: this is a 200 bed not profit facility operating in Brooklyn) • Discuss recent inspections and issue (deficiencies) identified • Discuss staffing levels compared to state and federal averages. • Discuss Quality Indicators compared to state and federal averages • Review how they impact the Five Star rating •If you were the nursing home administrator, how would you view these results?Explain your conclusion. Prioritize any activities you would want to implement and explain why. Be realistic in your recommendations, keeping in mind that there are always limited financial resource available. More Information is on the attached file please read to see full information.

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