Photographic surveys of Mars by the Mariner spacecraft

Ever since the completion of the Apollo missions to the moon, the photographic surveys of Mars by the Mariner spacecraft in the 1960’sand 1970’s, and the Viking probes of the Martian surface in the mid-1970, the establishment of a human colony on Mars has been contemplated as a major goal of space programs in the 21st century. In a speech at the National Air and Space Museum on 20 July 1989 — the twentieth anniversary of the first human landing on the moon — President George Bush set a goal of the fiftieth anniversary in 2019 for a landing on Mars. While that goal will not be achieved, Trump has asserted the importance of the Mars mission, stating in March 2017 that NASA’s goal date for human spaceflight to Mars should be 2033. In October 2018,Elon Musk, owner of the private space exploration company SpaceX, announced that he plans to have people on Mars within ten years. The essays in this reading set deal with the technical and ecological challenges that may be faced by 21st century human beings if we attempt to design a permanent colony on Mars.

Question: Frank B. Golley suggests that we need to answer two questions before building extraterrestrial ecosystems or space colonies:”First, can we design a space-colony ecosystem? And, second, should we design space-colony ecosystems?” (1). Patrick Moore, Michael Collins, indIan Stoner consider the practical and ethical issues involved in colonizing Mars.

Based on their practical (can we?) and ethical (should we?) concems, is Mars colonization a goal worth pursuing?

In developing your argument, incorporate ideas that support your position as well as ideas that disagree with your position. Youressay must quote and/or paraphrase and work directly with material from all four readings in this reading set.

In addition, define and employ key terms that seem to be central to the arguments of your sources and, therefore, to your argument as well. Primary among these key terms is “space colony.” Other key terms that might help you with your argument are: ecosystem; terraforming;scientific-engineering vs biological-ecological approach’ innately driven,moral constraints; and minimally invasive techniques.

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